A life’s work is too
important to be
left to chance.

Banff Advisors is the premier career management advisory that is tailor-made for executives, serving as a partner to high-performing leaders throughout their careers.

We aim to remove chance and replace it with purpose and career ownership, shifting career paths from reactive to proactive.

  • Empowering
  • Inclusive
  • Supportive
  • Honest

We enable leaders to become purposeful in their careers and
life’s work.

Banff Advisors was founded to serve executives who want to take a proactive approach to fulfill their career ambitions. We know you are busy – we work actively behind the scenes for you, ensuring you continue to move towards your career goals – in a current role, planning for the next step, or looking ahead into the distant future.

Our years in the executive talent space allow us to connect our clients with the most critical networks, market insights and feedback. 

We bring together the stakeholders who shape career trajectories (executives, boards, search firms, advisors, coaches, investors, hiring managers), creating a win-win for everyone and providing our clients with the best options – and information – to fulfill their ambitions. 

At times, clients’ needs extend beyond our expertise, and we partner with exceptional service providers in areas such as Public Relations, Communications, Brand, Compensation, Legal and Transition/ Executive Coaching to provide a truly holistic approach. Read more about our thinking.

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We are proud to partner with and advocate for executives from a broad range of backgrounds.

  • 11% Full-time Board, Advisor
  • 18% CEO / Board
  • 63% C-suite / Board
  • 8% Early Exec
  • 62% Underrepresented minorities
  • 3% Military service transition

As of May 2022

Optimizing the talent marketplace.

Leveraging decades of experience in the talent industry, we have developed a discreet and confidential platform that connects vetted exceptional talent with leading executive search teams and investors – at the right time, for the right opportunities.

Great leaders should find great opportunities, and organizations should not only know who the best leaders are, but be confident that they are engaging them at the right time. Talent is the ultimate competitive advantage.

One of our underlying missions is to improve the system that tries to match great talent with unique opportunities. We want it to work better for all stakeholders – greater transparency, more feedback, better network ROI.

Banff Advisors flow chart
Banff Advisors flow chart

Our Story

Our Story

Like many who graduated during a recession, I took the first job I could. Lucky for me, it began an amazing journey – nearly 20 years in executive search, building deep meaningful relationships from Wall Street to Silicon Valley, Davos to the hills of Rwanda. But there was always the nagging question – did I do the best thing for me, or did I do the best with what found me? And how much did it help that, to borrow a phrase from a good friend of mine, I was “Yale, pale and male”?

These questions continued to perplex me throughout my career in executive search. It amazed me how little control executives often had, and how frequently a major career transition occurred only because someone happened to answer the phone that day, or a name happened to be thought of late at night and made it to the client.

I built Banff Advisors because I am passionate about helping people achieve purpose in their careers and life – to not rely on chance but instead take control of their futures. Our team brings unique insights, relationships and more importantly a set of values and motivations that enable us to be on your side – even when a message might not be an easy one to hear.

And why “Banff Advisors”? I was ten years old when my mother packed us up in her minivan and headed west in pursuit of a new life. On a New Year’s morning, we rounded a corner and there with the rising sun hitting its peak was the first mountain I had ever seen. While Banff is the town and not the mountain, since then “Banff” and the sun rising on that first peak was to me always a symbol of futures to come, a gateway to something new and exciting.

David Boehmer
Founder – Banff Advisors

Commonly Asked Questions

How does Banff Advisors compare with Executive or Transition Coaching?

We have built great partnerships with world-class executive coaches, taking their great work with executives and then focusing on enablement and realization of career objectives.  We create and then execute multi-dimensional plans to put vision into action.  

What if I am not looking for another role?

At Banff Advisors, many of our clients aren’t actively looking to leave their current roles, in fact many never will.  Our services are designed to be accelerators at all stages of an Executive’s career, professional and philanthropic.  We partner with clients across the entire arc of their careers, helping them achieve success at every stage.

What do you mean by career management?

Active career management shouldn’t be a foreign concept. 

Let’s take something similar: financial planning. We have financial goals. Some right in front of us, others further away. Some of us likely also have a financial advisor who helps on a path to those goals. We don’t have time to do a good job at it alone.

Your career ambitions are no different. The portfolio of someone’s full career – leadership roles, board/advisory seats, start-up opportunities, investments, social impact – all requires a door to be found, at the right time, with the right brand and reputation so that it is opened. Active career management done now and done right will lead to a future where someone can choose, rather than hope to be chosen.

How can Banff Advisors know what’s going on out there?

Our service to our clients is hands-on and personal.  That service is supported by proprietary platforms which give our clients transparency to the market, and how they are positioned.  

Can anyone be a client?

Scale is less important than quality – quality of the service we can provide our clients as well as the quality, values and integrity within our client group.  We initiate a rigorous vetting process before inviting and ultimately onboarding new clients.  And we will only engage with a client where we feel we have the insights and relationships necessary to serve.  If we don’t, we will tell you, and then work to build that so that we can serve you in the future.